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At the Air Training Corps we participate in a variety of sports activities from athletics to DofE, in every aspect you will be respected for your abilities. You will be supported to achieve the best you can, in all your strengths and weakness.

Flying / Gliding

At the Air Training Corps we offer the experience to fly and control a plane (Grob Tutor) which -speaking from experience- is a truly amazing and breathtaking time. Every time the experience is offered, all of the cadets will ask to participate if they can. 


At the Air Training Corps we offer the experience to go on unforgettable camps such as RAF Odium and RAF Coningsby, which are just some of the amazing experiences that the corps has to offer. Some of the activities you will be doing on camp could be flying in a Chinook around the camp or climbing Ben Macdui, also doing night exercises with brilliant discipline and teamwork. Some camps even entail travelling abroad to places like Cyprus and Gibraltar, where you will be taken on station visits, water parks and sight seeing. 

That was just a few of the camps that are on offer at the ATC.  


At the Air Training Corps you will be given the opportunity to fire weapons from an air rifle to a L895A2. Speaking from experience these are truly brilliant experiences and really satisfying for you when you get a good grouping.

Shown below is the badges in order, showing how far you can progress on the syllabus. 

Other Activities

At the Air Training Corps you will be given the opportunity to take part in activities that are fun, thrilling and approved by cadets. These activities can range from rock climbing to parading through Norwich.

A word From the Cadets

Cadet Stanbury:  In the Air Cadets, I enjoy the social aspect the most as I am home schooled. I enjoy parades and drill more than anything else in the Air Cadets.

Cadet Prince:  My favourite experience from the Cadets so far would have to be flying. Not only was I able to get in the air in a plane which is brilliantly designed for seeing the sky around you, but I was allowed to have a go with some of the controls, which for me was very exciting as somebody who has had a strong interest in aviation from a young age.

Sgt Yarbo: My Favourite achievement was the Nijmegen 100 mile marches in Holland. The thing that I most enjoy at cadets that is done regularly has to be mentoring and teaching cadets in different activities, being able to use my experience and qualifications to help with this.  




We parade at the squadron HQ on Monday and Thursday evenings 19:00-21:30.

We also do events over the weekends and occasionally on other weekdays.