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In the ATC (Air Training Corps) you will be placed into one of the available flights at the SQN and this will help in management of the squadron, especially with a large number of cadets. At the ATC we have a rank structure that helps to maintain an order to the tasks at hand.

A cadet with a rank shows they have worked and contributed to get to that position, this also allows them to be easily identified and shows they have experience and may be able to help with any issue.

Every rank in the ATC is 100% achievable by every cadet from any background, just as long as they really show that they are the right person for the job. The rank structure is shown below. If you do not fully understand the rank structure as shown then feel free to ask at cadets.        





We parade at the squadron HQ on Monday and Thursday evenings 19:00-21:30.

We also do events over the weekends and occasionally on other weekdays.